Locally owned since 1988

The benefit of being local, is we understand the market better than our American competitors. I have been around all of North America, and this market expects the finest in quality and service. At Silvco it's what we deliver everyday.

Emergency service 7 day per week

At Silvco we understand that you rely on your textiles to run your operation. We were the first company to offer rapid responds to your needs 7 days per week. We call our service " Express Direct " if at anytime our Customer Service Representatives missed that you were low on any item we supply, we will rush replacements to you within two hours, 7 days per week. That's how committed we are to your success.

Superior quality, exceptional service

At Silvco we inspect our products multiple times throught the Plant. Firstly, preproduction, prior to processing in our washers the damaged items are put to the side, to be process with a more intense wash cycle. Secondly, after washing and during the set-up, prior to going through the ironer. Thirdly, as items are put through the ironer, the feeders see a stain or hole, they reject the item by pushing a button to tell the equipment to set aside. Fourthly, after pressing and folding the items are inspected one last time proir to being placed in stock. With Uniforms we do a pre and post inspections, as well as after the items have been steamed. We look for missing buttons, wholes in pockets and on the outer fabric. We included, no charge repairs on all garments and replace free of charge as they ware-out. All garments are tracked from your operation through the plant and back to you, this assures a timely return of your items.

Cutomizable products

At Silvco we have a vast product selection, but if what we carry just doesn't fit your needs, we can offer our custom services. To tailor to your needs or ideas, to give you a truly custom look that enhances your image. Most of our Competitors don't even offer you this option, they say they cann't keep track of these items through their processing systems? if they can't track these, how can they track their regular items?  We are truly dedicated to our Customers need to adapt their textile requirements.

Remarkable Value

Silvco has alway offer the very best quality and service with significant value, compare and be amazed.

Product selection

We carry three major suppliers of textiles, with the option to search the world for unique new items that will help you build your image.

Flexable terms

At Silvco we understand that you don't want to sign a multi multi year contract . Shouldn't your textile care Company earn your business? We think so, at Silvco choose the term you want, we will take care of the rest

Capable production capacity

With a Plant capacity of over 1000 lbs per hour, your a assured that we have the no-how to get the job done.

Over 25 years in business

This speaks for itself, you know we are sucessful with this many years under our belt.

Our Fleet

We have, from small vans, all they way up to a 5-ton truck, to meet all the demands that you could ever place on Silvco. We retire all our trucks after 10 years of service to guarantee your delivery is always on-time.

Focused solely on textile care

Some of our competitors offer unusual services, from, carpet cleaning, paper shredding and more. At Silvco we are focused on textile care not as a sideline business to other services. Choosing Silvco for your textiles ensures you are well taken care of.

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