Silvco has got you covered with our Canadian towels rental. Our primary aim is to give you convenience and efficiency by providing every single thing at a one-stop point. You can avail all our services without a hassle from here. We think that clean hotel towels and linens, sheets, and pillows are a must in every place, be it a restaurant or a hotel. Hence, we offer you a wide variety of discount towels and sheet rental for you to choose from and enhance the appearance of your operation.


Does linen include towels? Of course, everything connected to linens includes sheets, covers, and towels. Get your hands on our excellent towel range right away.

Dental Offices to Day Spas and everything in between, we have the towels to cover any need. Choose from our standard sizes or if you prefer, pick from the many custom sizes and weights available for a more up-scale image. What could be more convenient than having fresh towels deliverd to your door!

Standard Towels

Face Cloths 12x12
Hand Towels 15x25
Bath Towels 22x44

Custom Towels and Weights

Face Cloths 13x13
Hand Towels 16x27, 20x30
Bath Towels 24x50, 24x52,30x60, 35x70


Sheets and pillowcases are a must to protect the mattresses and pillows from the person's dirt and oils. You can pick the ideal ones from our towels and  sheet rental for your operations.

We offer you a choice of white or bone Percale sheets and Pillow Cases in a variety of sizes to fit the needs of many industries, such as Massage Therapy, Doctor's Offices and the Hotel industry.


Yes! we have them too. At Silvco choice is everything, so take your pic, Polar, Thermal or pure Polyester.


We offer for direct sale, Pillows! At Silvco choice and convenience is what its all about!


Choose from the range of pillows from our luxury towels and linens at Silvco. The fluffiest pillows made of the finest materials are on the line for you to sleep on. They are available in different sizes and shapes as per your needs.

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