How do we stand out in the market?

At Silvco we were the first to offer linen supply emergency services 7 days per week. Why? without clean linens you can't run your operation, it's that simple. The home of " Direct Express'' rapid delivery replacement service 365 days per year. The first to offer multiple pickups per week to Customers. Why? If your operation has medium to large volume, you should receive the very best from your linen provider. This reduces your inventory requirements, thus saving you money, decreases your soiled linen accumulations, freeing up space and a noticeable reduction in odors.



As the Chef and Owner I am able to alter all items I receive from my suppliers, except the linens. I present the linen to my customers how I receive them, they must be of the highest quality every single day! You can count on Silvco, we have, for over 24 years! "

Client since 1999


The benefits of adding Linen Supply Services

Including Linen Supply Services such as Table Linens symbolize a level of class expectation from your Customers. All this from the addition of Linen Supply Services, brings a level of sophistication that ables you to charge a higher price point to your Customers. Utilizing Napkins Supply Services only, can do the same, as well as adding to overall design and image to your Brand. With the rising cost of paper napkins, this is the best time to add Napkin Supply Service to your operation. We have a style and colour to fit your operation or let us customize with the addtion of adding your Brand colour to the edge of the Napkins for a very unique look.  

Actual Client Using Our Rental Linen Supply Services

" you came highly recommended, I can see why " Client since 2007

We offer a variety of sizes and colours to choose from, as small as 36 x 36 all the way up to 120 x 120 including rounds. Linen Supply Service sizes for Conventions and Banquet Halls, such as 54 x 120, 90 x 132 or 90 x 156 and more. For Napkin Service, our standard is 20 x20, as well as Bistro Napkin size 18 x 22 for a distinct look. New styles of Place Mats to suit every Restaurant's price point.


Leave it to us, we will style a Linen Service specifically to your needs.

  1. Supply
    We base the inventory on your current usage for each Product. Work with you to organize a convenient location to store clean stock. Set inventory minimums for you to always have extra on-hand.
  2. Clean
    Remove soiled Table Linens for cleaning and pressing, giving you professionally clean and crisp Linens at the same time.                                                                                                                             
  3. Deliver
    Fresh Table Linens delivered to your door by our Customer Service Representative, placed directly in your storage area. Your Customer Service Representative will inspect inventory stock to confirm adequate levels of all items for your operation.

Contact our  linen supply service now!

Leave it all to us. We'd be glad to help you with our table linen supply and services at Silvco. If you have any queries, shoot them without hesitation. We will get back to you immediately and guide you with everything you need. Choose us once, and we are sure you will be hooked on us forever since we live to satisfy our clients and make their lives easier.

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